3 Top Questions About Custom Foam Closure Strips for Metal Roofing


Foam closure strips for metal roofing are a simple aspect of the installation process. Many may think that because of their small nature, they are not a vital part of the roof. They can easily get overlooked or forgotten in the process. However, just foam closure strips have proven to be a crucial and necessary component of a roof. What makes them so important? We will cover that along with the three most common questions we get about foam closure strips in this blog. 

1. Where Do You Install Foam Closure Strips for Metal Roofs?

Foam closure strips come in many different sizes and shapes that are specifically designed to fit on either side of a metal panel. These dense rubber strips are vital to help seal the roof and eliminate unnecessary space between the deck of your roof and the panel. The highest part of the metal panels creates a wave-like pattern, resulting in a gap between the deck. To keep rain and pests out, that space must be closed off. Other areas, such as the eave trim, ridge cap, peak trim, flashing, and gutter boxes may benefit from foam closure strips as well. It is important to go by what your manufacturer states is needed for your specific type of roofing materials. 

Since there are multiple different types of foam closure strips, there is not one perfect installation method. However, let’s look at a basic step-by-step process to see how a standard installation would be accomplished. First, ensure the self-adhesive closure strip fits the roof panel used. Next, make sure that the inside closure fits the underside of the panel, and lastly place the roof panel over pre-cut closure strips for a snug fit ensuring your roof is sealed from the elements. At Delta Metals we use Marco Industries Closure-Foam™ Custom Fit Closure Foam, they come in more than 450 profiles and are custom sized for every roof.

2. Do I Need Foam Closure Strips on a Metal Roof? 

During a metal roof installation, foam closure strips are not a requirement. You can complete a roofing installation without this element. However, we highly recommend foam closure strips because they add another layer of protection for the roof. Adding this extra material will ensure that the roof is weather-tight and can withstand outside elements. By keeping moisture out, it decreases the chances of the roof having a leaking problem in the future. When you do not install foam measure strips, you leave an exposed entrance for any adventurous pests. The small space between the high wave of the panel and the deck can be big enough for any bugs, birds, and rodents to get in and damage your roof. 

Another aspect to consider when deciding if your metal roof installation should include foam closure strips is the noise and light factors. Foam closure strips for metal roofing can act as a sound barrier and greatly decrease the amount of outside noise in your home. Additionally, when you do not install these strips, you leave an opening for light to enter. Natural light can shine into the roof and create UV damage. 

At the end of the day, foam closure strips are a simple way to increase a roof’s durability. Though they may seem like an unnecessary step or a waste of time, these strips are crucial to ensure your clients receive a reliable roofing structure. Typically, foam closure strips are resistant to moisture, minimizing damage and guaranteeing that the strips will work properly for an extended amount of time. 

3. How Long Do the Foam Closure Strips Last?

When it comes to metal roofing materials, foam closure strips have simplistic maintenance requirements. In fact, no maintenance is required at all until the strips need to be replaced. However, we recommend that whenever you inspect roofs, you check to make sure the strips are still attached properly and are not close to falling off the deck. When they start to hang off the roof, that is a sign that the material has begun to age. The strips will eventually begin to dissolve, preventing the material from functioning properly. This could even leave voids in the roof, creating space for outside elements to enter. 

Foam closure strips for metal roofing have a lifespan that varies based on the brand and material, but they do not typically last as long as metal panels. This means that foam closure strips should be replaced multiple times before the roof is replaced. The good news is that the cost to replace foam closure strips is cheap when compared to other roofing materials. You can find the foam strips for around $0.50 per linear foot and will be sold in packages that will cover around 300 linear feet.

Understanding Your Roof

In short, while foam closure strips are not required in a metal roofing installation, their simple installation process, cheap cost, and numerous benefits should make them a desired element. When these strips are foregone, it can give moisture and other elements access to your roof. Water and pest damage can easily be prevented by adding this one simple step to your installation process. 

Stay Ahead

Roofing contractors will always need to be prepared for any aspect of the metal roof installation process, no matter how small. From foam closure strips to underlayment, each aspect is crucial to get right the first time. Our Builder Materials Checklist for Contractors can help you ensure that you have the proper tools and prevent delays on the job site. This easy-to-reference guide can help you stay organized, complete jobs on time, and stay within your budget. Get your free copy here!

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