Builder's Top Materials Checklist for Metal Roof Installation

Builder's Top Materials Checklist for Metal Roof Installation

When you’re getting ready to replace a new roof, you may not know how many materials and resources you need before you start the job. Each job is completely different and replacing a roof is a deceptively tricky task. It’s imperative to gather the proper equipment and know exactly what your customer wants before the job begins. 

This is a handy guide that will give you a checklist of all necessary steps, equipment, and materials before you start your new roofing job. A roofing job done wrong can be disastrous and extremely costly, so going through this checklist before you start your job is a great way to avoid unneeded and prohibitive obstacles to running your business; it’s also a great way to ensure you never need to install a roof twice or wait around without the right tools for the job.

Roofing Options

There are several materials roofs can be made out of, and while it may seem like all of these materials are created equal, there are actually quite a few differences between one type of roof and another. For example, asphalt can be used to protect a roof; these are usually made of rubber or plastic and come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, ensuring a custom-fit job every time. 

Wood shingles are made of wood strips that are nailed down to felt paper or tar paper. All wood must be treated to prevent rotting. Finally, a metal roof is actually one of the most durable options available, are the most cost-effective, and rarely needs to be replaced. While metallic roofs are usually cookie-cutter, they do come in a variety of shapes and colors.

Safety Equipment

When installing a roof, safety is paramount. It can be incredibly easy to slip or hurt yourself in other ways, which can be prevented or mitigated by buying and investing in the right type of safety equipment. You’ll want several pieces of safety equipment and clothing, including boots, goggles, helmets, and vests. 

All of these clothing articles will keep different parts of your body protected and insulated while you’re working on the roof, decreasing the effects of any harsh weather and allowing you to keep a firm grip on yourself and the roof. The helmet is maybe the most important piece of equipment of all because it will protect your head from any blunt force trauma.

Builders Materials Checklist for Contractors

Types of Metal Roofing

The type of roof you want will largely depend on what you need the roof for and what it’s protecting. For example, metal roofing will last a long time and can be replaced cheaply and easily, so it’s a good option for warehouses and repair shops. 

A metal roof also won’t buckle or warp during times of high stress, making it a reliable and trustworthy option. There are several options you have when choosing a metal roof; you can get one of corrugated steel, zinc, aluminum, and even copper. These metals will differ in price points, durability, and appearance, but will all get the job done in most cases. The choice is up to you and largely depends on your needs.

Tools for the Job

Ladder or scaffold.  A lift is great, but you can usually get the job done if your ladder gets you on to the roof.  Your handtool selection should include tape measure and pencil, aviation snips, speed square, straight edge or chalk line, and a utility knife. 

To install screws you will need a cordless drill.  Nearly everyone uses an impact driver, but the screw manufactures tell us that the hammering of the impact driver fractures the powder coating on the screws and causes minute damage which will speed corrosion.  A drill is better if you can put up with it. 

Competing for the use of your drill will be a turboshear attachment for cutting panel lengthwise. You can cut everything by hand but you might have carpal tunnel eventually.

Some installers also like to predrill panels on the stack to facilitate straight fastener lines.  Use a 1/8" bit for that. A caulk gun for penetrations and nonstandard situations should  finish the job. 

Trust the Roofing Experts

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