Considerations When Choosing the Right Metal Roof Colors

Blog_Header_Choosing the Right Color RoofIf you've spent some time researching roofs, you may be drawn to metal roofs because they're easy to maintain and add plenty of curb appeal. But the idea of metal roofs as an aesthetic could give a homeowner some pause. And while contractors understand the incredible practical qualities of metal roofs, they still want to provide options and solutions for their clients that they'll love.

Metal roof advantages can be simple if you consider a few things first. Here's what you'll want to think about before you pull the trigger on that bold metal roof color.

Personal Style

It's your home, and you'll be looking at your new metal roof for a while. So before you consider anything else, ask yourself what colors you gravitate towards. Even if you can't get your dream color, having a baseline idea can help you make quicker decisions by keeping you in the same general palette. If you need some guidance, know that colors that contrast with a home will pop out more, while complimentary colors will give you a more traditional look. And if you're really stuck, you can search for some variations on color combinations online for inspiration or consult with a professional.

Your Home's Architecture

Every home has a unique style; some colors are more flattering on certain styles than others. For example, modern buildings pair well with black, white, and gray. In contrast, a Spanish-style home will look beautiful in earth tones and reds. There are many different architectural styles, and some properties could be a mixture of two. You should still follow your desired aesthetic over what looks best to some. But installing it without first wondering how it will look with your home's style could cause some regret down the line.

Your HOA Regulations

If you have a Home Owners Association (HOA) to answer to, check with them to see if there are any color restrictions before you install a metal roof. Some HOAs might not allow you to install a metal roof regardless of the color; they could argue that it disrupts the neighborhood's look. Even if they allow metal roofing, you'll probably want to pick out a few color options, just in case they don't allow your first choice.

The Emissivity and Solar Reflectance Index (SRI)

It's not the most glamorous conversation when discussing color options, but knowing about the emissivity and SRI is necessary for contractors and homeowners alike. Emissivity is how fast the metal roof soaks up heat and reverts to its average temperature. While the SRI indicates how much sun reflects off the roof's surface. Contractors and manufacturers should have access to this information. But generally speaking, darker colors will absorb and retain heat and have a lower SRI; lighter colors will be cooler and have a higher SRI. Your color choices could be restricted if you need to follow any SRI requirements. So if you're curious if your favorite color is both practical and compliant, ask a professional about these two things for clarification.

Dialing in the Details

Before you make such a monumental purchase, it's good to grasp the finer details of your color selections. Between the vast resources online, contractors, manufacturers, and even designers, you should be able to make a decision you'll love.

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