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Searching through different metal roof suppliers can be a headache. Finding one that is honest and experienced can feel like you are trying to find a needle in a haystack. With so many promising five-star results, it can be hard to know which suppliers will follow through. However, we can assure you that trustworthy metal roof suppliers do exist and are essential for providing quality roofing jobs for your clients. 

At Delta Metals, we prioritize our relationships with contractors so you will always be on our radar and will never fall through the cracks. We know that those in the field can have a lot on their plate and want to be a ready and available resource whenever you need us. By offering five-star materials and service, we can guarantee that you will be completely satisfied when choosing us as your metal roof supplier. But how is Delta Metals different from other suppliers? We are outlining the top five areas that put us on a whole different playing field than our competitors.

Customer Service 

We know that choosing a metal roof supplier is a huge deal. You are putting your trust in the suppliers to give you the best deal and quality. What your suppliers do or don’t do will directly reflect on you. The supplier not only affects the contractor but the clients as well. Their roofing installation can be paused or completed with poor-quality materials if the supplier is not fully transparent and available to talk things through with you. 

At Delta Metals, we do not take your trust for granted. Securing a safe and reliable home for your client is our top priority, and we will guide you through every step of the way. Our goal is not only to sell you a roof but to provide the highest quality of customer service. These agents are not just salespeople, they are representatives who have learned the ins and outs of roofing so they can best serve you. No matter what may come your way in the field, you will always have access to a hands-on representative who is committed to you. When you choose Delta Metals as your metal roof supplier, you will have someone walking you through every stage of the process. 


A roof is what secures a home or building. Without ensuring the roof is made of high-quality materials, there can be damage that creates leaks over time. To guarantee your client’s satisfaction, you must use quality materials from a trusted metal roof supplier. We only provide the best steel roof and siding products to help eliminate the risk of future damage. Secure a perfect fit by ordering custom-length panels for specific roof profiles that eliminate the time it would take to cut them yourself. On top of that, we offer 30 different panel colors with 11 textured options to give your clients their dream roof. Every paint color comes with a Sherwin-Williams 40-year paint warranty. We are not satisfied with subpar materials and can guarantee only the best panels occupy space in our warehouse. 

Budget Friendly 

Let’s be honest, a roofing job is not a cheap expense. Your clients are likely to need to stay within a specific budget, and it is up to you to find materials that are reasonably priced without sacrificing quality. Delta Metals guarantees excellent building materials at affordable prices. One area you can save money for your clients is by choosing the correct roofing style. While exposed fastener systems are not as aesthetically pleasing as their alternative, concealed fastener systems, they are a great budget-friendly solution. Regardless of your client’s preferred style or budget, our representatives can work with you to find the best metal roofing for your project. 


The construction industry has begun taking strides toward a more sustainable future. A recent study showed that 66% of consumers prefer durable materials used in their homes. Traditional asphalt roofs are known to have a short lifespan. Metal roofs can last for two to three times longer ensuring that it has a 300% life cycle. This keeps your clients from having to replace their roofs as frequently and can eliminate the number of materials thrown into landfills. 

By offering metal roofing supplies that can last for years, Delta Metals is promoting sustainability efforts. 100% of our metal roofing materials are recyclable and can help your clients reduce their energy costs. Metal panels can save up to 25% in energy costs and 10-15% in peak cooling demands compared to alternatives. 


One of the best ways you can know if a supplier is trustworthy is by looking at their credentials and reviews. By undergoing Energy Star certification,  our materials are guaranteed to meet federal guidelines for energy efficiency. The Metal Roofing Association (MRA) is a not-for-profit coalition of metal roofing professionals who believe in the value and benefits of metal roofing. By being verified and accredited by the MRA, our clients can be assured that Delta Metals is a trustworthy metal roofing supplier. 

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In the construction industry, there can be many unforeseen challenges. Metal roof suppliers should not be one of them. We will work with you to ensure you are satisfied with our products and services. We want your buying experience to be effortless and efficient, which is why we offer a hassle-free guarantee. When you choose Delta Metals as your metal roof supplier, we will have your back no matter what comes your way. Talk to one of our representatives today!

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